Sunday, March 18, 2018

So, Oh-my-god, I Have Kids.

Also known as: it's all my fault or oh my god, I think it's all my fault

My daily writings have never been about my kids. Anyone following this blog (not that they do) would maybe have a vague sense that I have children along the journey of  my dissolving marriage and transition into age-gapped relationship with a co worker.

I do, in fact, have children. Two of them. Females that are now young women and are nearly fully independent.

The reason they never frequented pages such as these? Probably because, up and until now, I Mom'd like a mo-fo'. I come to this place to search for the answers to questions I have. Answers that alluded me. As a mom, answers didn't allude me. They came to me like a I was a savant: relationship challenged and  mom genius.

For some reason, once they're out in the world as individuals and they're asking me (because we created such a good bond and I was good at advice) life decision things as if their lives depend on getting it right, right now, I panic along with them.

Inside voice: Oh my god, I don't know, do you want to go to school for that? School is a lot of money. Why don't you just work for a while? Oh wait, working and suck hole customer service jobs causes you social anxiety to a point of panic - and you had those traumatic experiences and I brought you up with dad that was unavailable and can't give you love and then I let you lean on me too much - I made your decisions - shit, I fucked you up. Ummmmmmm, I don't know? What do you want to do? Shit, you don't know either? Ummm, maybe we should go see a tea leaf reader? The latter because, you know, you're a witchy, earthy, gypsy mom who's smart AF and digs science but also believes in spiritual woo woo.

And the tea leaf reader tells them exactly what they want to hear, but then it doesn't happen quite like that or it doesn't happen soon enough and a black hole forms in the middle of their soul, into which they begin to sink.

And it's all.your.fault. Way to go, Mom! 😒

I think the only one thing true that I told my youngest (current experiencer of the pre life crisis), and finally told her (after many pep talks looking for the solution that would immediately set her free!) was that, "I think this is your battle. I can't fix this one. All I can do is be here to help, offer words to help you build strength and give you tools along the way. I will always be here, coaching, supporting, but the actual fight is inside you - so I can't fight this one for you."

And it fucking sucks. That is the truth that revealed itself to me. Outside of being there for her (as I can, because, you might recall - I ABANDONED MY 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO LIVE WITH HER DAD SO I COULD MOVE AN HOUR-AND-A- HALF AWAY FOR WORK, AND YES! LOVE. ugh. it really is

Anyways, outside of being there for her (physically, 2 days a week) there is nothing else I can do. This is out of my control.

Oh, there it is. Did someone just call Bingo?

My eyes are starting to see (except for the massive influx of guilt that tells me to quit my job and move back, because, really, that's the least I could do), this is part of her journey, not mine. It is my job to 1) let go 2) listen 3) support her decisions without advice.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tru Dat

I'm in a weird place of too much introspection. Yes, that's what this is. Way too much introspection.

Likely because I am perceiving cross roads that come with the threat of life altering decisions. I do not want those feelings right now.

Should I live with the Greek?
What will that do to us?
Do I want that?
Do I really love him that much?
What does that much really mean?
Could it mean something simpler than I am thinking?
What do I want?

Do I really like this job?
Why are these people screaming at me?
Why am I letting them?
Am I happy here still?
Do I yearn for something more inline with my heart?
I think I want what I feel a yearning for - but is that real? Or fantasy?

Can I continue be the mother I think, thought I am/was with this distance?
Should I fuck everything there and move back there?
Really? Should I?

It's not the time for these decisions.

Now is simply the time to allow roads to effortlessly show themselves to me. I have no other tasks but to allow simplicity and beauty.

I surrender to the truth.

Thursday, March 8, 2018


A billion or so years ago, I had a blog called Mantramine. It was cool, I guess, if you like that sorta thing. If you were to look now, you would see its remains. It looks like shit. Like a ghost city's amusement park - the ferris wheel standing like a tall, lost child - abandoned.

I stripped it of its original glory and replaced it with meandering content that just reeks of inept searching.

All that to say, I think I want to start a podcast.

Are you laughing? You probably should be.

I think I'll call it Roar? Ugh, god, maybe not. That didn't sound so stupid in my head. Fine, whatever, I might steal DB&B. Phew, that feels much better.

So, yeah, I gotta move. It's time.

I was with the kid's dad today, the ffl, you know, the one I left, we were talking, catching up and I told him I think I have about 2 years left at my current job before I'll want to move on. And he said "What? Really?"

And I'll just cut to the chase here - I said, YEAH - BECAUSE I'M AMBITIOUS, not because I can't stay still.

It's true, all my working life I've been looking for the next up, but not because I can't commit. Because I WANNA KEEP GOING. Apparently in women (who aren't already tycoons and/or Martha Stewart) this appears to be lack of commitment or focus. In men, when they exhibit this early on, it's called... wait for it...


I mean, whatever, it probably looks less like ambition for me because it's been a really slow and made of incrementally small steps. I'll give him that. He just hasn't picked up on my slow-mo ninja life moves.

Should I find myself there, I imagine it will start a lot like that first blog did - with a strong desire to speak and share one-day-at-a-time.

I need to break free.


I broke, or flipped, or fell, or tripped. I feel. I feel stuff.

I feel like I might have made a parenting misstep by leaving my 18 year old to live with her dad while I moved an hour away (fine, an hour and a half) for work. I feel guilt.

I, somewhat, realize that that reads pretty weak, but that doesn't shake the feeling. If she feels in her heart that I left her alone too soon - then I've broken my heart.

I feel sick to my stomach that my older sister is struggling so hard right now with alcohol. She's dragging the bottom of the family poverty line and her disease is oozing from her pores. I feel sick that she and her eleven year old need me.

I feel sick that my eighteen year old needs me.

I feel sick that the Greek wants me.

I hate that Christmas demands a picturesque family - even if it's inauthentic, forced,  and 9 months away - it makes me feel sick.

I think I have eczema fairing up on my hands. I've never had it before, and I think it's from the intensity and stress of work. I'm allowing them to pound and wring everything out of me because here, in this forum, I don't know better - yet.

It's March. Spring is beginning. Maybe that will help.

It feels like I can't breathe. It's likely because I'm holding my breath. I keep catching myself thinking, "Oh hey, I'm not taking breaths" while the pulse in my stomach bleats strong enough that I start feeling it in my chest.

I'm not ready for any of this. I need to pray.  I want to surrender. I want to be free, comfortable, and even.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Work. Me.

I'm feeling lost. Perhaps disconnected. It's as if the Greek and I have been playing for pole position for the past year. I've been in the lead for the past year, which has cause him much discord. Now, I am, rightfully so, stepping out of that position.

I was needed there and, I believe, if his ego and logic could have seen that, this madness would have been over quicker.

Now that I've been in the pole position for this project, I have lost some footing in where I should have been all along - ?

I need to realign. I need to pray. I need to find my most humble spot and begin to learn. I need to open my eyes to those around me and be where I am needed. Spiritually enough, this applies to my personal life as well. I've been consumed, and, as such, blind to my surroundings.

Perhaps this feeling of lost doesn't have be so ominous. Perhaps, once again, I'm exactly where I need to be.

Perhaps it's time for my friend (the Greek) to shine, and me getting out of his way could mean a more real, grounded, and sustainable work-me.

All I can do is trust that I have something to offer and humbly allow for the idea that, at some point, my contributions could become redundant. And that if that was the case, it would only mean the opportunity to move into something that was better aligned with my self.

The ground can shake and I can still be okay.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Fuck. You.

We got the chance to talk enough for me to say something like - look, you're doing the push/pull thing with me. One moment your lovey and the next moment you have this professional boundary or, this was new this morning, he didn't want to tell me but he's been fighting off a cold and has been since we got here.... 

Are you fucking kidding me? You have a cold? And that's why you come into my room and and kiss me but I can't do the same to you. Because, you want your space but only when you want it and it's cool that you send me mix signals, kiss me when you want to and otherwise treat me like I'm a buddy co worker mother fucker bullshit head game shit.

So, I end it saying. "Look it's fine, I'm just really annoyed with your on/off approach to me. It doesn't feel like I can just be me. Just let me be annoyed and don't pretend everything is normal."

To which he said, "Okay that sounds fair to me."

I don't want to look at him. I don't want to make fake smiles. I'm fucking annoyed and pissed off. Go away, go snowboard, if you want space - then FUCKING TAKE IT. Don't come have some kisses when you want it and then shut off completely. Basically, he calls the shots and comes and goes as he pleases. Not working for me. Thanks anyways.

So, that's it. I'm annoyed and I don't want to make pretend small talk. And I have every right to be annoyed at his "have my cake and eat it too."

Not my jam.

Oh, and yeah, after we settled on my be annoyed, he's walking around singing,  "You've lost that loving feeling..."

and if I was to suggest that he was sending a secret message kinda thing, he would deny it.

Not cool.... brah. 

Work Ish

We're at a ski resort, it's a you-work-at-an-awesome-place thing. The company puts us up at chalet and we ski, snowboard, drink, play games and just all around have an awesome time. My friend, the Greek, is experiencing polar opposite feelings for me while we here.

From the moment we got up to the mountain, we were/are buddies. There was none of his schmoopy, schmoopines. No, damn I want to fuck you like there always is. Now, one doesn't have to be the world's most intuitive person to pick up on that shift (although he was rather impressed by my accuracy), and you know what... I was (am-ish) okay with it. I came straight out and put it on the table and he beat around the push for only a minute or two. You could see he contemplated the "what? Nothing's different, you crazy girl" approach but then rather quickly gave that at up when he recognized the "I can see the truth, it's right there in between us. I'm not going to stop this until you admit it" all in a dude, it's fine lightness. And it was, is alright. ish.

He's been boarding with me even though I nearly demand he go with the guys so that he can have his space and be away from me (because, as he said, we're together all the time. True story, I totally get it). At one point he even drew a heart in the snow.

Back at the lodge, he's stole a few kisses here and there when I guess I have succeeded in attracting him. But that's the thing, the catch...

Since this weekend started, all I have felt is that I'm teetering this fine line of "okay, you did something cute and I remember why I love you" an/to/or "and now you just said a word that I don't like and I remember why I don't like you anymore," and so I get across the room sweet look or oh are you here, too? Cool, see ya avoidance. It's fucking pissing me off.

We just had some alone time where, in another time (like last week) he would have taken that moment to steal some kisses and touch me and love me and call me his kitty, and he didn't even sit beside me and started making "the weather this and that" conversation.

Um, do you even know me at all???????? Ugh. Everyone's up. To be continued.