Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And Your Point Is...?

I'm re-writing the book I wrote about five years ago (I just did the math for that, I can't believe it was so long ago)  as an escape from my husband and marriage. He was at a really bad place at the time. I couldn't leave him just then, it would'n't have been right, but I needed out at the same time. So I wrote a book about a girl who goes to Ireland for a break. She tells everyone she just needs a break and is  going there because she has family history that she wants to look into while getting a little rest and relaxation - but really, her intent is to meet someone, anyone worthy, and to have a fling, an affair. She'll be gone for 4 weeks, will she do it? Will she be able to meet someone in such little time? Or will she get more than she bargained for?

*Spoiler Alert*

 She gets more than she bargained for. Big surprise, hey?

Update: I wrote this post a few days ago, but then my computer crashed and I ran out of time. I figured I would come back to it and finish it... but I have no idea what my point was going to be.

Oh WAIT! I just remembered.

As I re-read the parts where she talks about why she wants/needs to leave her relationship, well, I didn't realize just how fucking angry I was at my husband for being so sick and depressed and smearing his mind shit everywhere. What an ass.

I find it very amusing to read and somewhat cathartic.

Since writing this, I did actually take a two years off from us. I left him. It was difficult to convince him of this in the first year but he eventually got it. I would have had a fling if I found someone worthy enough - but I did not.

Looking back at how angry I was, that break was a good thing for me. Since then, and having been back with him for two years now,  he is nothing like that character anymore. And I am not the same person either. That time seems soooo long ago. Another lifetime.

I'm so glad I had the courage to take the time I needed. It was very unorthodox of me, which I think is pretty cool.

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Ruby said...

Too bad how crashes can cut into spontaneous thought pattern like that. But at least you've fend off the worse it could do; which is to invalidate the thought pattern. Contingency measures are more than necessary to combat that possibility. Other than that, good luck!

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