Sunday, September 25, 2016

This is the MVP

I agree, this is no ordinary love; but, it is still a love of some kind or another, and I am having a really hard time treating this, acting, as if it is less than that love. And, I feel as though he is back to trying that.

I get the part that is just about sex, because the sex is so alive and so much fun. It's passionate and aggressive and slow and thoughtful. It could just be about that....

But there is more now, we both saw and felt it that one night we were away together. I need to see that more. See it and touch it. Spend 24+ hours with it. I want to be in its presence.

I think I might love him.

And if he's not willing to explore that world, let that happen a bit more, then it feels like I want to respect me by respecting the feelings I have for him and step back.

I don't know how well I can do that. He's like a magnet.

I think I am a magnet for him too. I think he gets to a point in the week where he thinks, I don't need or want her that badly at all,  and then I show up and that goes to shit.

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