Saturday, January 27, 2018

Work Ish

We're at a ski resort, it's a you-work-at-an-awesome-place thing. The company puts us up at chalet and we ski, snowboard, drink, play games and just all around have an awesome time. My friend, the Greek, is experiencing polar opposite feelings for me while we here.

From the moment we got up to the mountain, we were/are buddies. There was none of his schmoopy, schmoopines. No, damn I want to fuck you like there always is. Now, one doesn't have to be the world's most intuitive person to pick up on that shift (although he was rather impressed by my accuracy), and you know what... I was (am-ish) okay with it. I came straight out and put it on the table and he beat around the push for only a minute or two. You could see he contemplated the "what? Nothing's different, you crazy girl" approach but then rather quickly gave that at up when he recognized the "I can see the truth, it's right there in between us. I'm not going to stop this until you admit it" all in a dude, it's fine lightness. And it was, is alright. ish.

He's been boarding with me even though I nearly demand he go with the guys so that he can have his space and be away from me (because, as he said, we're together all the time. True story, I totally get it). At one point he even drew a heart in the snow.

Back at the lodge, he's stole a few kisses here and there when I guess I have succeeded in attracting him. But that's the thing, the catch...

Since this weekend started, all I have felt is that I'm teetering this fine line of "okay, you did something cute and I remember why I love you" an/to/or "and now you just said a word that I don't like and I remember why I don't like you anymore," and so I get across the room sweet look or oh are you here, too? Cool, see ya avoidance. It's fucking pissing me off.

We just had some alone time where, in another time (like last week) he would have taken that moment to steal some kisses and touch me and love me and call me his kitty, and he didn't even sit beside me and started making "the weather this and that" conversation.

Um, do you even know me at all???????? Ugh. Everyone's up. To be continued.

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