Friday, February 10, 2017

HaHa (also, FUCK YOU)

I think we're done. Or, I am

I don't know what happened exactly or if it will continue. Maybe I saw something I didn't like?

I didn't have a horrible time at all, I was just in love in a much different way - back to like kinda love. Maybe?

Fuck. I don't know.

Also, I felt that he was kind of over it too and I'm not entirely clear if my feelings were a preemptive cover up to what I imagine he might be feeling. He was pulled away from our work project.

I don't fucking know. I hate not knowing. I don't care either, only I do.

This is fucked up. Whatever.

He always works so hard for me to have an orgasm and the pressure just kills it. He wanted me to ride him the way I did a couple of weeks ago where I had an amazing surprise orgasm. He wanted me to do that again so I could have another orgasm. It wasn't happening, and for some reason I did something I've NEVER done before - I gave him and the position hell. I angry fucked him like an animal.

You want me to fuck you? Fine. Fuck you, I will. 

I had an amazing orgasm, totally left my body and just went for it, not expecting anything until wham.

Then, I cried - 'cause, you know, I left my body and had a great orgasm.

FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK. I don't know what this is.

I think I'm mad at him. Because that makes total sense.

Also, it's a full "snow moon" with eclipse. #MoonRuled

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